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  • From Stalls to Success – Let’s Talk Numbers

    From Stalls to Success – Let’s Talk Numbers

    I’m a just over 5 weeks post op and I’m currently stalled on the scale! The first 2 weeks were amazing… everyday I was losing 1-2 pounds and it was exciting – probably the highlight to my day lol. Then week 3 got here and BOOM, the scale not only stopped going down, but it…

  • Trouble in Puree Paradise

    Trouble in Puree Paradise

    Well… LOL It’s not all butterflies and rainbows after all. I’m ONE week into puree for the record. I honestly thought I’d rock this stage because I really don’t mind mushy things. When I picture chicken/tuna/crab salad, I get nauseous now, and I’ve only had them each maybe once or twice. I think my biggest…