From Stalls to Success – Let’s Talk Numbers

I’m a just over 5 weeks post op and I’m currently stalled on the scale! The first 2 weeks were amazing… everyday I was losing 1-2 pounds and it was exciting – probably the highlight to my day lol. Then week 3 got here and BOOM, the scale not only stopped going down, but it went up a couple pounds. Yes, this was to be expected. I’ve seen videos on TikTok so I was prepared mentally, just not emotionally. At 14 days post op, I was exactly 14lbs down from surgery day. Today at 5 weeks post op, I’m 19lbs down from surgery, 38lbs down from my highest. I’ve tried using a tape measure but that usually disappoints me too lol… so I’m going to stick with taking more pictures of myself than usual so I can hopefully see a transformation through those.

Sometimes I feel like I’ll be the strange case where this is it… this is the most I’ll lose from the sleeve, some kind of fluke situation. It’s like I have the devil and angel sitting on either side of my shoulder, the angel reminding me to be practical and patient and good things will come… but jeez this little devil on my shoulder is so loud sometimes.

Last week I started soft foods and man… life is getting better and better in the kitchen. I feel like I can eat anything with almost no restriction and it’s so nice. They approved me to finally have cheese and rice – I’m a happy girl. I was craving sushi so bad! Plus cheese and rice are in SO many things! Life was rough there for a bit. The main things I’m still avoiding are lettuce, raw veggies, sugar, nuts/seeds, breads (mostly), tomatoes, and potato skins. Basically anything that’s chewy or has a skin, otherwise I trust myself to chew things down for my stomach. One thing I’d like to mention is how proud I am of my stomach. Sure, there’s been occasional discomfort whether I ate too fast, or too much, but my stomach has been a champ and I’m happy to say I haven’t gotten sick once, knock on wood.

I went out of town last weekend for the first time post op and that was daunting; home is obviously my comfort and safe place. Things like fluids, safe foods, and bathroom access were my biggest concerns. I cooked scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and some ricotta bake to bring with me. I also graduated from using the 4oz cups to just drinking straight from the bottles now including my water bottle that I missed dearly. Taking bigger sips is so much easier – I will never miss SIPPING again! All in all the trip went well and I stayed on top of my stuff (with the exception of taking my multi 2x a day) and felt prepared.

Yesterday I finally went for a bike ride and didn’t encounter any issues, however I could definitely tell I lost strength and muscle. It was more difficult than it was before surgery, another thing to be expected but surprised nonetheless! Before I end this, I just want to add my most recent somewhat guilty pleasure… Those dumplings that went viral on TikTok! OMG, I’m obsessed and they’ve been giving me life. If you don’t know what they are, just search dumpling Mukbang. You’re welcome or sorry lol.


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